Make your Kullu Manali honeymoon trip an affordable one with different tour packages


A honeymoon trip with your new spouse to Kullu Manali will offer you the most romantic and memorable tour experience. If you are dreaming of the greatest Kullu Manali honeymoon trip but have no preparation where to start planning your tour, you can get in touch with an experienced and reliable tour agency in your area. Whether you need to know about the costs and you are not certain what to do and see when you reach Manali, these agencies will steer you through the right path to make your honeymoon more enjoyable and exciting.

Usually, any reputable and reliable tour operator will have vast experience and expertise in the industry.  They will have the ability to make your traveling process around the city easier and more affordable. This is for the reason that they will offer a variety of tour packages to Manali that will best fit the touring needs as well as the budget of their customers.

Moreover, these tour operators will work with the aim of resolving a range of problems that you will experience during your tour. They will always be available to help you in every stage of your honeymoon tour. They will chiefly focus on offering high quality as well as affordable tour packages and services, rather than having a motive for profit. Most of these operators will also offer a variety of other tour-associated services to the honeymooners.  These services include event organizing services, airline ticketing services, hotel reservation services, and car as well as coach hire services.

Kullu, which is located on the Beas River banks, is the capital city of the Kullu District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Due to its natural beauties, such as mesmerizing landscapes, spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, and many worth seeing places, the city draws the attention of both aged, as well as honeymooners of all parts of the world.

Visiting the city at an affordable tour package to Manali with your new spouse will allow you to enjoy the natural splendor of the grand Himalayas. The city is considered the authentic jewel in the circlet of Himachal Pradesh. The wonderful loveliness of its marvelous sceneries, the generosity of its citizens, their unique lifestyle, as well as the wealthy culture,  will captivate you and your new wife.

A Kullu Manali honeymoon trip will allow you to take pleasure in witnessing its renowned temples, innate prettiness, as well as its regal hills, sheltered with deodar and pine forest and extensive apple orchards. You and your new spouse will definitely be attracted by the superb landscapes, dressed with deodar forests, very tall above pine trees, and below the rock-strewn ridges. The gorge is sandwiched between the Lower and Great Himalayan range and Pir Panjal.

You can book the best as well as the most affordable Kullu Manali Honeymoon tour packages that will best fit your sightseeing needs and your budget. Whether you would like to have an enjoyable local tour or outside the city, these tour packages will not only make your honeymoon tour an affordable one. They will also allow you to remember your tour experience throughout your life.

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tour packages to manali

Looking for basic and affordable tour packages to Manali? At Kings Holiday we treat our customers like Kings by offering them the best in class service at a very affordable price. get more information visit-
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Manali Shimla Package – The Right Choice for A Well Planned Holiday in the Himalayas

Manali Shimla package4

Manali and Shimla are two of the most popular holiday destinations located within the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. Although both these places have much to offer to the visitors on an individualistic basis, many tour operators offer a combined package that covers both these destinations. Booking a combined Manali Shimla package enables the visitors to enjoy the best aspects of both these locations in a short period of time and in an organized manner. These packages are suitable for people who have limited vacation time and want to get the most out of their holiday package in the majestic Himalayas. Enhancing the fun and comfort of such well planned holidays are the Delhi Manali Volvo packages offered by the best tour operators.

Although the visitors may choose to cover both the popular destinations in a single holiday package, they must not forget the fact that each is unique in its own way. Shimla boasts of a rich and ancient history and is home to countless monuments and buildings that have stood witness to important events. It is also the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, which has led to its multifold expansion from a small and quaint hill city to a bustling metro within the hills over a span of past several decades. Manali on the other hand has managed to retain most of its old world and rustic charm, which is why people opting for Shimla Manali package, often find this city relatively more appealing. Although, Manali has also grown significantly over the past decades, it has managed to do so without losing most of its unique natural beauty and mesmerising landscape.

People arriving in Manali through the Delhi Manali Volvo package are often surprised by the splendour that meets their eyes. The lush green surroundings make them feel immediately relaxed and they sense their stress and worries gradually fading away. Within just a few hours of having arrived in this beautiful hill city, the visitors feel a sense of calm and peace descending on their mind and body, which makes them feel automatically relaxed and refreshed. Despite the abundance of new construction going on within and on the outskirts of the city, the visitors get to enjoy the grandeur and majesty of nature that is completely non-existent in the plains. Moving from Manali to Shimla adds to the fun of this exciting tryst with nature for the visitors as they get to enjoy picturesque views which are totally alien for most of them.

The overall experience of exploring the two favourite tourist hotsposts of Himachal Pradesh through a combined Shimla Manali package is definitely nothing less than awe-inspiring. Booking such a package not only makes the holiday completely stress free but also provides the visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the offerings of the two cities in an organized manner. But most importantly, these packages provide the visitors with a better and cost effective option to get the most out of their short holiday in the Himalayas.

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Manali Packages – Offering a Wide Choice of Accommodation Options

manali trip

Manali is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North India and is frequented by not only casual holiday seekers, but honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts in large numbers. Except for a majority of adventure lovers, most people visiting the hill city opt for Manali packages that suit their needs. With countless tour operators providing a wide variety of packages, there is no dearth of the accommodation available to the visitors. This has also been made possible by the large scale development of several hotels, resorts and other such structures in and around the beautiful city. Some common accommodation options that the visitors can choose from, whether they opt for a regular holiday package or Manali honeymoon package are discussed as follows.

• Luxury Hotels and Resorts: This type of accommodation option generally forms a part of exclusive packages that have been designed to ensure maximum comfort of the customers. As is obvious, the luxury hotels and resorts offer the best facilities and services that money can buy. They promise to offer a grand holiday experience to their guests, who come to the city after booking the most exclusive Manali packages.

• Budget Hotels: A majority of tour operators offering holiday packages for Manali, choose the budget hotels for accommodation options. These hotels focus more on providing their guests a comfortable stay experience rather than making it more luxurious. Most such hotels have special suits reserved for guests, who might have booked a Manali honeymoon package. These hotels charge different prices depending upon the facilities and services they offer as well as those sought by the guests.

• Small Hotels and Inns: Although these accommodation options rarely feature in the Manali packages offered by tour operators they are still a popular accommodation choice. They offer minimalistic facilities yet ensure fairly decent level of comfort for the guests. Their low price makes them the preferred choice for people travelling alone or those who are more interested in the activities available within the region rather than on their personal comfort level. These hotels are also quite popular amongst visitors travelling with an extremely tight budget.

• Cottages and Huts: This type of accommodation option is becoming increasingly popular amongst newlyweds opting for a Manali honeymoon package. This is because the independent huts and cottages offer far greater privacy to the newlyweds than even the most exclusive hotel suits. In most cases this type of accommodation option comes with its own kitchenette, which further enhances the fun and romanticism for the honeymooners. Most importantly, they are generally located vast acreages of raw nature, even though they offer all the comfort and luxury which is at par with any decent hotel.

Although, every Manali holiday package has its own specific accommodation option, the people booking them can request to get it upgraded or changed. In such cases, the tour operators might charge an extra amount from the customers, who can be assured about spending their vacation at a place they consider appropriate as per their comfort and luxury needs.

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AC Volvo bus Delhi To Haridwar, AC Volvo bus Delhi To Dehradun

Kings holidays tour provide best offer deals on bus tickets from Delhi to haridwar Volvo AC & NON-AC Bus Ticket Booking Services. Lowest Fares on Delhi to haridwar Bus.
AC Volvo bus Delhi To Haridwar, AC Volvo bus Delhi To Dehradun manali9

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manali honeymoon package


Given the fact that Manali  honeymoon package is a equally appealing and attractive all through the year, the couples can book a package whenever they find time to spare a few days away from work and family.
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Manali Shimla Package – An Enthralling Experience for Nature Lovers


Manali Shimla package

The majestic Himalayas are known for being home to some of the most amazing and enchanting landscapes that make for a breathtaking view. Nature lovers from all over the world come here to enjoy the picturesque beauty and the diversity of flora and fauna that the region has to offer. Amongst the several hills towns and cities that are nestled in these mountains, Shimla and Manali are two of the most popular ones. Every year these two cities receive countless visitors who have opted for a Manali Shimla package to enjoy the spectacular sights that the region is well known for.

If you live in a city in the plains, even a short trip to the hills will make you feel refreshed and revived. In most cases, the Delhi Manali volvo packages are keeping in mind the fact that big city dwellers generally opt for a holiday in the hills as it provides them a feeling of detachment from the noise and pollution that they are exposed to on  daily basis. While it cannot be claimed that the cities of Shimla and Manali are completely pollution free, they are definitely not as polluted as cities like Delhi or Mumbai. The lush green surrounds that encompass these cities, help in reducing the effects of everyday pollution in a significant manner.

Another factor that might attract you to book a Manali Shimla package is that there are still several places located quite close to these two major hill cities that are untouched by human interference. These remote destinations are relatively unknown and hence have been able to preserve their pristine beauty and look. Visiting these places gives makes you feel like having returned to the lap of nature where you are pampered and cajoled by the calm and soothing environment just like a child in the mother’s womb. This unique experience will in fact make every penny you spend on the Delhi Manali Volvo packages seem truly worthwhile.

If you have lived in a metro city for long, the very experience of breathing in the clean and fresh air in the hills will make you feel re-energized. In addition, time seems to come to a standstill while you are enjoying the fun of Manali Shimla package, which proves to be a completely different experience than that constantly being in a rush. As you relish the joy of living a laid back life, you also get ample time to introspect and find peace with your inner self. As you understand both your specialties and drawbacks while taking in the scintillating views spread before your eyes, you naturally evolve into a better person.

Booking Delhi Manali Volvo packages can prove to be a life changing experience for you in more than one ways. It is sure to change your perspective about life as well as your concept of happiness and contentment especially if you get an opportunity to interact with the local people living in these higher reaches where getting even the basic necessities is a major challenge.

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Make your Manali honeymoon tour a sizzling and an exciting with the affordable Manali honeymoon package

manali honeymoon package1

Any type of Manali honeymoon package offered at manalihoneymoonpackage will be crammed with enjoyment, contentment, love, and adventures. The Delhi to Manali honeymoon package offered by this tour organizer is available to suit every budget. From luxury accommodations to worth seeing places in Manali, you can have a safe and comfortable ride and stay in Manali hotels, according to your travel and lodging needs. This reputable tour-organizing agency offers suitable solutions for all of your tour and lodging problems in the renowned hill station. It offers the best and the most affordable Manali Honeymoon Package for the newly wedded couples, as well.

Monsoon tour to Manali is the name that needs no introduction. Since Kings Holiday Tours has been dealing with Manali honeymoon packages dedicatedly, you can rest guaranteed that you would get an unforgettable tour experience in an affordable way. They do not have about the fact that they have been blissfully imparting their services since the inception of their travel agency.

The contented, happy, proud customer base of Kings Holidays Tours has made the business the way ahead of the remaining agencies in Delhi. The business has an elongated list of reviews of the customers who were extremely happy when they have selected their Delhi to Manali honeymoon package.

All employees of this agency are specially working for their customers to offer them a 100% customer satisfaction experience. The business has been in the industry for many years, so they are confident that their affordable and enjoyable Manali honeymoon package will give the required satisfaction and enjoyment to honeymooners. The business has a strong relationship with all the renowned hotels in Manali, so honeymoon couples can rest assured that they would get their preferred accommodation in Manali with the best deals.

This Delhi-based tour-organizing agency ensures that all of their esteemed and respected clients will get the superior services. All of their drivers encompass the essential education where they make out every speck of detailed knowledge regarding the location. Besides being helpful in nature, they are local people and they will function as a guide, as well, for you. Therefore, you can confidently book their comprehensive Delhi to Manali honeymoon package to make your trip a memorable one.

Manali is perhaps the most visited honeymoon spot of India. From gorgeous waterfalls to dramatic snow-covered mountains, there are many places for honeymooners to visit in Manali. Manali is an abode to a package of charming attractions and sights, which act as an ideal setting for the romantic outing of the newly wedded couples. Honeymooners can get up to the twittering of birds at a tree bury, try out exciting adventure games at the Solang Valley, like the loveliness of snow-clothed Rohtang, or just they can take pleasure in a relaxed drink at riverside coffee bars.

You can take pleasure in a quixotic honeymoon experience in Manali with the most affordable Manali honeymoon package of Kings Holiday Tours. Their Delhi to Manali honeymoon package offers honeymooners the option to spend the golden period of their lifetime. Through their affordable and convenient tour packages, you and your new life partner can explore stunning snow sheltered mountains, silver deodar forest, fruit laden apple orchard, sizzling snowfall with your cherished life partner.


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Travelling By AC Volvo Bus – A Unique Experience in Itself

AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Dehradun

The land of Uttarakhand is renowned for its great natural beauty and spiritual ambience. The state which is home to several famous hill stations and religious hot spots attracts a huge crowd of visitors each year seeking a refreshing break from their routine lives. Dehradun and Haridwar are two most famous places in the state, the former for being its capital city and the later for being an ancient religious city held in high reverence by the Hindu community. While both the cities are well connected to other parts of the country through a reliable rail network, a lot of people choose to reach here and beyond by opting for road travel.

There are several tour operators providing AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Dehradun service making this road trip extremely convenient and fun filled. Unlike the regular AC bus service that is quite common on the route, travelling by Volvo bus proves to be a smooth experience for most travelers. The plush and comfortable seats of the vehicle ensure that the passengers do not feel the fatigue and nausea that is commonly experienced by people while travelling in hilly terrain. In fact, one of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Haridwar service is the high level of comfort it offers to the passengers as compared to travelling by regular bus.

Opting for the AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Dehradun is a great idea in case you are planning an adventure trip in the upper Himalayan ranges in Uttarakhand while making Dehradun as your base camp. Being the capital city of the state, it is well connected to almost every nook and corner of Uttrakhand making it easier for you to find a reliable mode of transportation to the remotest places. In addition you can take a pick from amongst the wide choice of agencies that organize diverse adventure activities across the state, rather than getting stuck with only a few options available at your destination. Since travelling by AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Dehradun does not prove extremely tiring, you can even begin your adventure trip on the same day that you arrive in the city.

Whether you intend to travel to Haridwar for religious reasons or just to have fun, making the journey in an Ac Volvo Bus Delhi to Haridwar is definitely the right choice. Depending upon the time you intend to spend in the spiritual city, you can opt for to book tickets for a return trip. In fact, if you intend to visit the city just for fun, it is advisable to opt for package deals offered by various tour operators that not only include the charges for sightseeing within the city but also the to and fro fare for AC Volvo Bus Delhi to Haridwar. Alternately you can book independent to and fro tickets for the bus service, if you are not sure about the exact duration of your trip or do not intend to go out for sightseeing.

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Enjoy your Manali tour in an enjoyable and affordable way through the Manila packages of King’s Holiday Tours


King’s Holiday Tours is a leading tour organizer in India that strives to fulfill a pledge of offering the most comprehensive tour experience to users, through their Manali packages. With instinctive products that have the vast collection of AC Volvo buses, the business keeps customers at the heart of everything they do.

Having the headquarter and a fully-functional office in Delhi, the leadership team of the business has oodles of worldwide experience by offering people a variety of affordable Delhi To Manali Packages. Through an eclectic blend of expertise and experience, the team of the reliable travel agency is a group of the best, the travel industry can offer.

Let Manali, which is only 40 kilometers from Kullu, carry your breath away through its natural beauty and charming sights during your visit to the most visited hill station of India. Manali, which is considered the suitable tourist and romantic spot for newly wedded couples, wakes you up to snow-covered peaks and the silently flowing waters of the Beas River.

Whether it is strolling down the major market or visiting the isolated Hadimba Devi Temple, Kullu Manali tours offered by King’s Holiday Tours are always stuffed with things to accomplish and worth seeing locations to see. Through the affordable Manali packages of the business, you can take pleasure in having inexpensive holidays in Manali, the hill station that offers the perfect blend of recreation and adventure.

On a vacation in Manali, you can explore the Naggar Fort, situated south of the area and can visit the temple at Vashishat, which is 3 kilometer away from it and the hot water sulfur springs. Your Manali tours should also include a tour to Rohtang Pass, a snow sheltered area. The low-priced Delhi to Manali Packages of the travel agency also includes a visit to Beas Kund and Dassur Lake situated close by.

As the road guiding to the pass will be closed during the winter season, summer is the good time to enjoy the hillside skiing. From January to March, Ski facilities are available at Solang Nallah, as well, where you can take pleasure in riding the 300-meter extended ski lift. Booking your Manali packages on also includes a trip to the Buddhist monasteries in the area. With the exemption of monsoons and winter, rafting is possible, as well, on some stretches of the river Beas. The website offers the Delhi to Manali packages at the best deals and you can book tailored packages, as well, and can get exciting deals for your trip to the hill station.

If you have plans to enjoy your honeymoon with your new life partner in Manali, the Manila packages of this Delhi-based tour organizer will offer you a chance to make your tour, a romantic and an unforgettable one. You can keep away from the boiling heat of summer in your city in an affordable way. The Manila packages of the travel agency also offer spiritual people a chance to spend their tour in a religious way by visiting holy temples, around the mountain ranges. You with your new spouse can have a walk in busy markets and taste some of the North Indian delicacies. Alternatively, you can just take pleasure in your privacy in the middle of the pine and deodar trees, small fields and rich fruitwoods. Although summer is the perfect time to have a tour to Manali, winter delivers it the areas of white snow to generate a view that you will not forget in your life.

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